Adding New Components to CHEMCAD via Neutral Files

Neutral files are used for importing physical properties of components to CHEMCAD. With neutral file import, users can add user specific components that are not already included in the CHEMCAD component database in their simulations.

Neutral files are ASCII files, and they can easily be built by using simple text editors. One or more components can be added to the component database using a single neutral file with the help of special structuring. Each line in the file should contain only one sentence with the proper syntax.

The keywords for specifications and properties can be found in CHEMCAD Help under „Neutral File Import of Component Properties“ and at the NEUTRAL.KWF file in CHEMCAD directory. In the directory. The information that can be entered for each component include descriptive keywords for the component (name, class, formulae etc.), non-dimensional values (molecular weight, acentric factor, environmental impact factors, electrolyte information etc.).

The Neutral File can be built using a text editor, and then the file should be saved with an „.nf“ extension. The components in the file can be added to CHEMCAD Component Database through „Thermophysical>Component Database>Neutral File Import“ and locating the relevant Neutral File.

Figure 1 – Neutral File Import

Figure 2 – Success Message

Here you can see the import of the example file in CHEMCAD directory: and the components listed under Component Database

Figure 3 – New components via

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