CHEMCAD Services and Products


We provide interfaces for the configuration of your equipment and products.


We help you import your custom component & additional mixture properties to CHEMCAD


We program and implement your custom units and applications in CHEMCAD.



The Configurator is an MS Excel interface with CHEMCAD functionality in the background, that can be used to meet customer requests and needs in a time efficient way. The time efficiency is significantly increased by carrying the calculations to the process simulation software CHEMCAD and eliminating the time required to learn how to operate CHEMCAD by carrying the user interface to MS Excel. Configurators are prepared according to your needs, such as sizing and configuring process equipment or production planning for the fine chemical industry.


  • Both steady state and dynamic simulations can be carried out
  • The MS Excel sheet can be connected to 3rd party cost estimation software
  • With the addition of the price database of the company the tool can directly be used for cost estimation
  • The output format can be edited according to your requests.

How it works

The configurator is basically an MS Excel file, connected to one or several CHEMCAD flowsheets corresponding to different configurations. By using the easy and familiar MS Excel interface, different conditions for usage of equipment, feed streams and operation conditions can be configured for the same process. The changes are applied to the flowsheets and CHEMCAD runs in the background. The results are then displayed:

  • containing parameters that are meaningful for the user,
  • in a format, that is presentable both internally and to the customer

Component Importer


Component Importer is our service for helping your transition to CHEMCAD software, also from other process simulators. With the component importer, you can import your custom components and edit the properties of the components existing in the CHEMCAD database easily.


  • The input format can be adjusted to fit the format of the database you are using.
  • Separate files are generated for each component, for the review and adjustment of property regression.
  • Both experimental datasets and parameters for any sort of equation can be converted into CHEMCAD format.

How it works

The component importer reads the custom component data from your database format, and converts them to CHEMCAD importable format. As a result, the custom components are imported to CHEMCAD, and separate files for each component are generated.

Custom Units


We carry your custom unit operation models and custom applications into CHEMCAD, using the interfaces provided by CHEMCAD:

  • User Added Modules (UAMs) in C++
  • VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) UnitOps
  • MS Excel Units and DataMaps


  • You can enjoy the benefits of CHEMCAD simulation software, while protecting the confidentiality of your processes and applications.
  • The development of custom unitop dialogs and icons provide perceptive operation and unique flowsheets.
  • Custom thermodynamic, K-value and enthalpy models, reaction rate equations and mixing rules can be introduced to CHEMCAD.

How it works

The custom units programmed by us, can be selected from the CHEMCAD unit operations palette, and inserted to any simulation you create. MS Excel DataMaps for custom applications can be imported to any simulation you create.

If you have any other ideas or requests on how you would like to use your CHEMCAD simulation software more efficiently and in connection to other tools you use, contact us. We would be happy to help you.






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