Heat recovery and Heat Pump Feasibility Study


For ALBA, a granulation and drying plant was configured. After generating the process model in the simulation environment CHEMCAD and the validation of the available measurement data, the possibility of energy recovery was evaluated. To this end, the model was extended by a heat pump and simulated with different refrigerants and temperature scenarios. In conclusion, a recommendation for the temperature levels, heating and cooling capacity and the refrigerant was made by Prime Unit GmbH.

Parameter Fitting Tool for custom CHEMCAD Components

A parameter fitting tool was developed for fitting data for custom components into CHEMCAD equations for temperature dependent properties. The tool automatically imports component data, regresses coefficients to fit CHEMCAD equations and generates Neutral Files. Finally it automatically imports the generated Neutral Files into the CHEMCAD component database.

Heat Recovery in the preheating process of a liquid phase hydrogenation

The preheating of tar in a hydrogenation process was simulated for h-tec.
As a first step of the project physical properties of components were implemented into the simulation environment through regression. Extensive shell and tube simulations were conducted to calculate the U-values of the heat exchangers, which were subsequently validated through existing data.

As a result, PrimeUnit was able to determine the sensitivity of the main process regarding various bypasses.

CHEMCAD Integrated Excel Configurator for Projects & Engineering and Sales


The CHEMCAD Integrated Excel Configurator combines a custom Excel user interface with a CHEMCAD process model in the background. The result is a time efficient process/product configuration to meet the individual needs and requests of customers. This is achieved through a well-known and easy to use GUI (Excel) and CHEMCAD's extensive calculations including component database, thermodynamics, energy and component balance.
Within the scope of the Configurator project, flexible CHEMCAD simulations were prepared which represent the product range of Pentair Haffmans  for Biogas upgrading and CO2 recovery/management.
These simulations are connected to a responsive Excel interface and the user can configure various process combinations including different unit operation specifications. The workflow includes the displaying of the results in a customized format, matching the needs of Pentair Haffmans.

Strong Partnership

Chemstations Europe GmbH and PrimeUnit GmbH maintain a strong partnership, due to the former employment of the whole founding team of PrimeUnit GmbH by Chemstations GmbH. The participation in numerous CHEMCAD seminars certify the excellentskills of the Prime Unit engineers, in handling the process simulation software CHEMCAD.

The symposiums organized by Chemstations, CHEMCAD User Meetings and other lecture series are often enhanced by the presentations of the Prime Unit staff.

CHEMCAD Licenses and Custom Workshops


Fractional Batch Distillation

Fraktionierte Batchdestillation mit CHEMCAD

Fractional Batch Distillation provides the possibility of separating multiple component mixtures into its pure components by a single column. This process is demonstrated in the following tutorial, on the basis of a three component mixture of benzene, toluene and o-xylene. The simulation is applied in the stationary mode in the tutorial, but it can also be created dynamically via CC-DYNAMICS.

Azeotropic Rectification

Azeotrope Rektifikation mit CHEMCADThe azeotropic rectification is utilized for the separation of azeotropic mixtures.

A typical use-case is demonstrated here by the separation of the ethanol-water mixture by using n-pentane as entrainer.
In the following tutorial the rectification process is fully modeled CHEMCAD and a brief outlook on possible optimization approaches is given.

Shortcut Simulation

Shortcut Simulation mit CHEMCAD

For the separation of the mixtures behaving close to ideal, a shortcut simulation is to be carried out in order to estimate important parameters for the rectification column, in addition to the characteristic curves of the equipment and the location of the feed tray. In the following tutorial, a use-case example is simulated in CHEMCAD and the procedure is explained.

Rigorous Column Simulation - SCDS

Rigorose Kolonnensimulation mit CHEMCAD

Rectification is the fractioning of a multicomponent mixture using columns. In the following tutorial the simulation of a rigorous column, the SCDS column, is described in detail. In contrast to the shortcut simulation, component mixtures with non-ideal behaviour can be simulated with the SCDS column. The rectification process is fully simulated in CHEMCAD and optimization approaches are also displayed for an economical operation.

Ethanol Vapor Permeation: Full Steam Ahead to an Innovative Separation Technology

Ethanol Dampfpermeation

Modeling and Simulation of a Hybrid Separation Process Consisting of Rectification in Combination with Pervaporation

Modellierung und Simulation eines aus Rektifikation in Kombination mit Pervaporation bestehenden hybriden Trennprozesses

The aim of this work is the modeling of a hybrid separation process, consisting of rectification and pervaporation. This is carried out by the implementation of the model in the simulation environment MOSAIC, and its simulation. With this hybrid process, the mixture of acetonitrile/water is separated acetonitrile is obtained in purest possible form.



High Performance vapor permeation with organic membranes for dewatering ethanol and other organic solvents


  • Motivation for dewatering with polymeric membranes
  • Engineering package for industrial applications
  • Advanced membrane
  • Envelope type module
  • Simulation result

Polymer Membrane for the Dehydration of Ethanol

Polymermembran zur Entwässerung von Ethanol

  • DBU Project
  • Fundamentals and the State of the Technology
  • Hybrid Process
  • Membrane Development
  • Membrane Module
  • Process Modeling
  • Implementation of the System

ICCE 2014 in Madrid

Thermo-Economic Analysis of Waste Gas Treatment Processes

 Thermo-Economic Analysis of Waste Gas Treatment Processes
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