Feasibility Studies

By intensive usage of process simulation, PrimeUnit conducts feasibility studies for plant extensions as well as new process lines.


  • Examination of integration capability of a new process concept into the pre-existing process structure
  • Acquisition of design parameters for basic and detail engineering (equipment dimensions, mass and energy balances, product requirements, etc.)
  • Review and comparison of different process concepts as well as examination of their influence on process performance (output, resource and energy consumption, etc.)

How it works

Each individual feasibility study is a unique process examination, conducted in close cooperation with the technical personal in charge, validated through available measured data from the client.

Exemplary Workflow

  • Prior to the exchange of confidential data a Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA) is being issued between the client and PrimeUnit if requested.
  • After that, the client provides all available data regarding the process (P&ID, old process documentation, measured data, existing simulation data, etc.) and PrimeUnit will generate a process simulation strategy incorporating existing models and/or custom models.
  • In case of missing thermodynamic data, PrimeUnit will examine the availability via subcontractors in case the client is not able to provide additional data sets.
  • Once a rigorous model is set up, it is validated through the scientific literature if possible.
  • The project is finalized with a presentation of the feasibility study results and the hand over of a detailed documentation of the concepts, the calculations and the results of the study (thermodynamics, numerics, process simulation details, sizing results, model precision etc.).

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