Energy Consulting and Audits

Energy saving potential

Energy savings through improved efficiency up to 50%

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can detect saving potentials and achieve energy savings through our qualified and independent consulting.


  • Professional energy consulting for industrial processes
  • Low project costs through state funding program (BAFA Program)

How it works

High quality energy audits according to the EU energy efficiency guidelines are included in the subsidized energy consulting, with a maximum grant of 8,000 euros. For companies with annual energy costs of a maximum of 10,000 euros, the allowance is 80 percent of the eligible consulting costs including any undrawn implementation advice, but no more than 8000 euros.
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Exemplary Workflow:

  • Prior to the exchange of confidential data a Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA) is being issued between the client and PrimeUnit if requested.
  • After that, the client provides all available data regarding the process (P&ID, old process documentation, measured data, existing simulation data, etc.) and PrimeUnit will generate a process simulation strategy incorporating existing models and/or custom models.
  • In case of missing thermodynamic data, PrimeUnit will examine the availability via subcontractors in case the client is not able to provide additional data sets.
  • Once a rigorous model is set up it is continuously improved and validated through the client’s process data until an acceptable deviation is reached.
  • PrimeUnit will then use the validated model to obtain superior performance results, thus minimizing energy and resource demand and/or maximizing yield.
  • Finally the results are displayed through an in-house presentation and the project is completed by the delivery of a detailed documentation as well as the simulation files.

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