CHEMCAD Seminars

In the offices of Chemstations Europe GmbH we offer the following CHEMCAD seminars.

CHEMCAD with MS-Excel, VBA und User Added Modules (German)

With this seminar, the participants will be able to use the interfaces in CHEMCAD efficiently and they will learn how to create their own basic operations in CHEMCAD.

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The aim of the CHEMCAD Dynamics Seminar by PrimeUnit GmbH, is to describe the steps for performing a dynamic simulation, interpreting the results and optimizing the model. Documentation and examples by John E. Edwards (P&I Design Ltd) are used for the preparation of the CHEMCAD DYNAMICS Seminar by PrimeUnit GmbH. Click here for further information and the Agenda ...
On-Site we offer the following CHEMCAD seminars.

CHEMCAD Basic Seminar

The participants will be able to use CHEMCAD safely and to build and run their own simulations. Click here for further information and the Agenda ... More Seminars
  • CHEMCAD with MS-Excel, VBA and VBClient
  • CHEMCAD Distillation, Thermodynamics and Custom Components
  • CHEMCAD Absorber
  • CHEMCAD methanation and Biogas

Custom Workshops

PrimeUnit GmbH offers custom on-site workshops on all CHEMCAD themes. Before the workshop, the key CHEMCAD topics relevant to your process are discussed together, in order to address them specifically during the workshop.

The general flow of a two-day workshop is approved through previous successful applications:

First day

  • Clarification of the topic with numerous examples
  • Content matching the selected topics
  • Many practical exercises in CHEMCAD

Second day

  • Solution development for your current problems in cooperation with PrimeUnit engineers
  • Learning practical tips and tricks relevant to your applications


  • Workshop participants learn CHEMCAD features through practical challenges.
  • Both new CHEMCAD users, as well as engineers with further experience in CHEMCAD can benefit from our workshops.
  • In cases where more than one user is dealing with CHEMCAD, on-site workshops are the most cost-effective alternative.

All the available CHEMCAD products can be included among the specific topics covered in the workshops. 

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