About PrimeUnit GmbH

The PrimeUnit GmbH was founded in 2014 in Berlin, Germany. As a spinoff of Chemstations Europe GmbH the original idea is to provide enhanced support for CHEMCAD users.

Since the end of 2015 Prime Unit GmbH functions also as an energy consulting company and is certified with BAFA support programme: "Energy consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises". With the objective of improving the whole production plant, many possibilities for increasing efficiency can be demonstrated through usage of the process simulation software CHEMCAD.

The Prime Unit GmbH consists of a team of process engineers as well as chemical, environmental and Energy Engineers. The employees have a lot of experience with the process simulator CHEMCAD and work closely with the Chemstations Europe GmbH.

Meik Wusterhausen

​Dr.-Ing. Energy and Process Engineering


  • ​​​​Development and optimization of membrane processes
  • Project planning and implementation in plant construction
  • Conduction of Chemstations Europe support
  • Programming of design tools
  • IT-consulting and software-development
  • CAE incl. FEM, CAP, CAD and CFD

Meik WusterhausenMeik Wusterhausen


  • Business Associate
  • Technical Manager Process Engineering
  • Simulations and computerized calculations
  • Project management for energy efficiency projects
  • BAFA and KFW-Funding Program

Additional Qualifications

  • Accreditation for the BAFA Funding program

Burcu Aker

M.Sc. Process Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering


  • Development of User Added Modules for custom unit operations
  • Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography
  • Numerical methods (C++ und MATLAB) 
  • Design of thermal separation processes
  • Cost estimation

Burcu AkerBurcu Aker


  • Business Associate
  • Development of Sales Configurator
  • Energy efficiency projects
  • User Added Modules development
  • Integration and modification of component data

Alexander Fleck

M.Sc. Energy and Process Engineering


  • Technical simulation and computerized calculations
  • Development of new processes in CHEMCAD
  • Pressure drop calculations for piping networks
  • Process and controller optimization
  • Measurement control & automation configurations

Alexander FleckAlexander Fleck


  • Business Associate
  • Consulting for BAFA und KFW-funded projects
  • Process engineering and technology
  • Energy optimization for industrial plants

Daniel Seidl

M.Sc. Energy and Process Engineering


  • Development and optimization of thermal separation processes
  • Design of controllers in dynamic process simulation
  • Integration of process models into simulation software
  • Cost estimation
  • Selection of thermodynamic models

Daniel SeidlDaniel Seidl


  • Business Associate
  • Technical sales manager
  • Project management
  • User Added Modules development
  • Energy efficiency of processes

Pierre Schneeweis

​M.Sc. Industrial Engineering


  • Business development
  • Product management
  • IT-Consulting for application systems
  • Technical sales
  • Start-Up Financing

Pierre SchneeweisPierre Schneeweis


  • Business Associate
  • Strategical management
  • Finances
  • Personnel
  • Marketing
  • Backoffice

PrimeUnit GmbH
Rigaer Str. 104
10247 Berlin
Telefon: 030/12059969
E-Mail: info@primeunit.eu

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